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Asian girls on tinder Our Concept of Brain SexWe define brain sex as using our minds to make decisions about the type of sex Hunter and I will havewith other guys. This includes that important decision about when to and when not to use condoms with others. As you all know our site MaverickMen.com contains many images and videos of condomless porn what many would call barebacking raw sex or as our straight counterparts would call it regular sex.Hunter and I decided long before we made our first video that wed require everyone we play with to get tested for HIV and other common sexually transmitted infections with all of us getting the results at the same time prior to making a video. This allows us to have the sex we want to have with the least potential for harm.Read more about why and how we came to this decision by clicking here.Our Safer Sex PhilosophyEngaging in some sexual practices without condoms may be risky e.g. taking raw loads up your ass fromstrangers who either dont know their HIV status or other sexually transmitted infection STI status or havent been tested in a lo

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