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Sexcams backdoor Peter Pan Wendy John and Michael Darling land on the clocks minute hand to get their bearings in order to find Never Land. A small replica of Big Ben can be seen in the Darlings household at the end of the film where it rings in a slightly high pitch compared to the real big one with a deeper pitch. This version of Big Ben was also featured in the Kingdom Hearts video games in the Peter Panbased world of Never Land.After a thrilling air chase Basil and Ratigan battle among the clocks gears. The climactic battle starts near the center of the tower but goes all the way to the hands of the clocktower and concludes when the clocktowers bell chimes rattling Ratigan and causing him to fall to his death.Big Ben has been both seen and mentioned in this movie. After the song called Cruella De Vil is finished Big Ben airs on TV after the title What Makes Big Ben Tick and rings out loud resulting in the animals behavior back to what they really are. This makes nearly all of them get away. Dr. Pavlov fortunately saves the furry white bunny rabbit and strangles the man with one arm for watching Big Ben on TV. Inside Chloe Simons office when the window is open Big Ben rings out loud resulting in Ella De Vil

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